Walking a Mile

Some holidays are for being with family and friends, and some holidays are rest days. I asked Davy if he planned to go out, and he reminded me that today’s a holiday bus schedule. He sat out on the lanai and untangled his ball of yarn, listening to the music streaming from my window. Life with siblings as adults is comfortable, but not because it’s familiar. Today was both a rest day with family, but each family member is in a separate space.

As MMFE plans the program for October, it’s shaping into a participatory series of events in various communities throughout O’ahu. Today’s thoughts were on locations. My earlier posts have been on venues that are under consideration, however, I’m open to suggestions. One suggestion is to bring an MMFE event to Puu Ualakaa.

MMFE 2013 is about shoes. We don’t leave home without wearing something on our feet. We make a personal statement about how we wish to project ourselves. Or, we show the world, as Marlon Brandon once said: I just don’t care. It’s OK to have moments like this. To be forgiving of oneself is the best gift he or she can give to family and friends.

MMFE has a Fashion Shoe Design Contest, and no design experience necessary. The contest is open to all. The best designs are as personalized as one is unique.

I don’t wear fashion shoes, but I’d like to if I could find a pair that I could stand in for extended periods of time. In a recent online search for shoes, I found Chyna Whyne, a trained Alexander Technique professional. [I completed Alexander Technique course while living in San Francisco. After the series, I did move with less effort and managed to conserve energy–highly recommended.] Ms. Whyne’s Walking in Stilettos explains why it’s the poorly constructed shoes,  and not the heel wearer, that causes public atrocities.

What the highest heel you’ve worn out in public?

Completing Press Kit

Completing Press Kit: Model Minority Fashion Exposition (MMFE), a meeting place to discover Hawai’i-based fashion apparel, view fashion-related documentaries, and compete in a design contest.

  • Super Member of The Model Alliance (2013)
  • Active Professional Member of Hawai’i Fashion Incubator (2013)
  • Single-Member Operating Arrangement for MMFE Limited Liability Company in the State of Hawai’i (March 2013)
  • General Excise Tax License from Department of Taxation (Feb 2013)
  • Articles of Organization for Limited Liability Company from Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (Feb 2013)
  • General Excise Tax License DBA Model Minority Fashion Exposition from the Department of Taxation (Jan 2013)
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Certification from Department of Transportation (expires March 2015)


Fact sheet: MMFE’s initial prerogative was to give 200 exhibitors; from six business categories ranging from local apparel designers to modeling agencies to professional development services, like voice instruction, to nonprofits serving the fashion and modeling industries; and connect Hawai’i’s youth to fashion and modeling opportunities during the Hawai’i Fashion Month. MMFE marketing included submitting press released to Ka Wai Ola, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs’ publication, Department of Education’s Public Schools, and Boys and Girls Club. One major aspect to differentiate MMFE from the Hawai’i Fashion and Beauty Expo of 2011: Social support groups from industry-related nonprofits to tell youth about the realities of the fashion and modeling industries, and offer safer entrance into these industries; exhibitors would also have applications available for employment opportunities, apprenticeships and/or internships.

However, with a meeting with an administrator from the Strategic Marketing and Support Division of the State of Hawai’i’s Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism and the Hawai’i Fashion Incubator won’t promote MMFE’s events on their Hawai’i Fashion Month calendar in October. During the course of this meeting, Hawai’i Fashion Month targets adults, while MMFE targets youth in communities outside of Honolulu, such as Waimanalo, Kahuku, and Wai’anae—Ms. Okuda’s hometown.

MMFE’s current program: 1) Screen fashion and modeling related documentaries; 2) Partner with the Domestic Violence Awareness Month Committee to share resources and promote the other’s activities and events; 3) Host Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® to benefit the Domestic Violence Action Center; and 4) Announce the Winner and Runner-Up for Most Sign-up Registrations for WMHS.