Kaneohe Vacation House

Sugar Cane Culture Club offers a waterfront property located on Kaneohe Bay, Oahu of Hawaiian Islands. There are only three of these reward vacation stays available for our 30-day crowdfunding campaign (starts 05. February 2016) to bring the HANA HOU Hawaii Festival to Switzerland.


Fully equipped kitchen

The private waterfront house accommodates parties up to four for four night stays–this is a non-smoking space. This quiet location is a wonderful place to relax and recover for weary travelers, while also being child-friendly. There are two bedrooms (king-size bed in master bedroom, queen-size bed in guest room) and an open floor place for the fully-equipped kitchen, living room and dining room. Other amenities include washer/dryer, cable television, WLAN and secured garage for two automobiles. A 24-hour open grocery store is five minute drive away. The airport is 30 minutes away.

Private pier on Kaneohe Bay

Private pier on Kaneohe Bay

If you would like to arrange a longer stay, please contact us before pledging for a reward on our crowdfunding campaign site.

Some ongoing, year-round events happening on Oahu:

Royal Hawaiian Band performs at Iolani Palace (30 minute drive from property): Founded in 1836 by King Kamehameha III, it is the only band in the United States with a royal legacy. With cultural roots dating back to the time of the Hawaiian monarchy, the mission of the Royal Hawaiian Band is to promote and foster music, both current and historic, to preserve the Hawaiian musical culture, inspire young musicians and ultimately enrich the lives of the people and visitors of Hawaii.

Alii Sundays-Honoring a Royal Hawaiian Member (30 minute drive away): Alii Sundays are among the many long and honored traditions of Kawaiahao Church, which began about 1914. In the 1970’s our people were embarking on a tidal wave of change. In the chaos of circumstance and sensing the urgency to unite Hawaii’s people and rekindle their strength and purpose in Ke Akua, the Reverend Dr. Abraham Akaka rejuvenated these services as part of the larger cultural awakening already taking place. He reminded us of the importance “to unite as the people of Hawaii and to recognize the leadership our Alii gave us as Christians.” We celebrate eight Alii Sundays which are held as part of a larger series of celebrations recognized by the Benevolent Royal Societies, Alii Trusts and the Hawaiian Civic Clubs of which always occurs on or just before the birthday of the Alii. We invite you to join us.The Societies and Hawaiian Civic Clubs proceed into the main sanctuary at 9:00 a.m. Representatives of selective groups pay tribute to the Alii being honored.


Light filled open floor plan.

Hawaiian Quilting with Poakalani & Co. started in 1996 to share with the general public our Hawaiian quilting experience. They share not only the finished quilts but also the cultural and especially the teaching aspects of Hawaiian quilting at the Iolani Palace Old Archives Building every Saturday, 9:30-12pm. Their greatest desire is to inspire and encourage others to pick up their own needle and thread and begin their own tradition and cultural legacy. By doing this it is helping to fulfill their mission to preserve the „Art of Hawaiian Quilting“. Check out their website, which shares the work of other quilters so they can continue to inspire others to help preserve not only their own personal story and tradition but one of Hawaii’s most treasured Art.

Find an event on the City and County of Honolulu’s event calendar that appeals to you and schedule your family vacation stay with this crowdfunding campaign!


Thoughtful retreats outdoors.

Kāneʻohe Bay, at 45 km², is the largest sheltered body of water in the main Hawaiian Islands, according to Wikipedia. This reef-dominated embayment constitutes a significant scenic and recreational feature along the northeast coast of the Island of Oahu. The largest population center on Kāneʻohe Bay is the town of Kaneohe. Geologically, Kaneohe Bay forms part of a former caldera of the Koolau volcano. In prehistory, most of the volcano catalysmically slid into the Pacific Ocean, leaving behind only the Range and the Bay. During the days of the Hawaiian chiefs, Kaneohe Bay was selected to build their sacred fishponds, and its historical vibe can be felt up to this day. Today, the bay is also a breeding ground for hammerhead sharks. Thousands of them are born here every year and spend their first few months in the shallow water. Marine scientists flock to the bay to study these oddly-shaped creatures. Eventually, the hammerhead sharks swim out to the deeper waters where they grow up to 13 feet in length.