Searching for Raw Silk

Searching for Raw Silk: After interviewing a Hawai’i-based apparel designer, I did a simple online search for silk manufacturers based in the US to see what I could find. I found®, China-based source for global trade. The website’s Advanced Search Bar offers three selections: Products, Suppliers and Buyers. After searching two more Tabs separating products from suppliers. Suppliers, at the time of writing this, is in beta testing. Next, I select region, which ranges from East Asia, South Asian, Southeast Asia, North America, and Middle East. The last field to narrow a search is by country. Going through tabs takes time and trains yours eyes like a hunter.


During the interviews, I edited this part from the last cut because it reveals an internal conflicts worthy of discussion. Interviews are about allowing an individual tell their story, however, there are times our body language exposes our realization or disdain for the politics behind the source. I enjoy silk, and yet, I’m fully aware of where the majority of silk is produced.

There are a few silk manufactures in the US, but I found one which was not listed on JB Silks, a wholesaler of silk broad-woven fabrics, based exclusively in Ferndale, Washington, US.

What is your favorite fabric?

Updated 27. February 2015: China is not like the US as I’m finishing Tim Clissold’s Chinese Rules, Mao’s Dog, Deng’s Cat, and Five Timeless Lessons from the Front Lines in China. Learning about those places and its People are fascinating because it explains a lot of what I’ve seen and experienced. For instance, one day after shopping for produces at the Ferry Building’s Farmers‘ Market in San Francisco, there was an elderly Chinese woman who was shouting at me from a distance and showing me her middle finger. Then I remembered that I’m part Japanese (actually Okinawan). She probably saw this in my face. The history of Japanese soldiers invading and imposing sexual violence on women is notorious. Understanding what causes discomfort in oneself explains how one reacts. Did I react the way I did in the video because I’m Japanese enjoying Chinese products? Or because I’m liberal buying Communist made products? This subject will take more time to develop and uncover.