Half-Way Point to Hawaii Festival

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Gérard Koch, President for Sugar Cane Culture Club and Team Leader for HANA HOU Hawaii Festival in Switzerland, works tirelessly with promotion.For a Swiss individual, Gérard managed to write to his every contact on his Facebook account. Prior to composed personalized messages to his Facebook contacts, he engaged with his contacts‘ Facebook timeline posts for several months. While „farming“ his Facebook account, Gérard also work his way through his personal email contacts. Gérard revisited contacts whom he met while promoting the Hawaii Festival in 2014. Progress is moving forward to promote the Hawaii Festival.

The good news: Four individuals came forward in response to Gérard’s ourtreach: Brigette Röösli, who shares Sugar Cane Culture Club’s posts endlessly; Beat Hirt, who, while on vacation, responded positively; and Roger Koch, a Zurich HVAC business owner and brother to Gérard, shared the Hawaii Festival with his contacts. The fourth individual manages movie theaters, who will show the crowdfunding announcement. Please let us know your thoughts about the graphics, when you see it up on the movie screen. Catering to the Swiss audience can be challenging. We hope our efforts do not disappoint. Mahalo to these four individuals for their efforts and consideration!

This is the half-way point where more rewards are posted on our crowdfunding campaign. We have many unclaimed rewards to Appeal to both straight Music Lovers with our CHF 10.- download of the HANA HOU Hawaii Festival Music Concert, as well as those who would like the opportunity to stay on Oahu at a private oceanfront property or enjoy a lomilomi massage package here in Switzerland.


When you don’t have many Options available, what do you seek for the ultimate distraction? Gérard’s diligently promotes the Hawaii Festival as healthy distraction for the Swiss citizenry. Hawaiian culture is the „downtime“ every Swiss worker needs to decompress and reset their frame of mind. If you support the Hawaii Festival campaign, then you won’t be disappointed about experiencing a little bit of the Hawaiian Islands.

Recently, Our Hawaiian Headlines Daily has been pulling up a lot of negative News. It is difficult not to feel overwhelmed and defeated, considering all the bad news that is shared on social media platforms. I tried to reset the „Topic“ to include more positive News, but the only way to ensure some Level of positivity: I comb through each publication and select the articles best suited for the readership of Our Hawaiian Headlines Daily. I hope you enjoy the results.

From the bottom of our hearts, the Sugar Cane Culture Club hopes for a successful end to our crowdfunding campaign. Success would mean Gérard invested two years of his time to bring some Hawaiian sunshine to Switzerland. This would be the icing on the cake to the 152nd Anniversary of the Friendship Treaty signed between the Hawaiian Kingdom and Switzerland.



Sugar Cane Culture Club braucht deine Hilfe und Unterstützung.

Hawaii, vertretten durch Sir John Bowring, und dem Nationalrat Johann Heinrich Fierz und dem Bundesrat der Schweiz, hatten zusammen 1864 einen Freundschaftsvertrag unterzeichnet. Diesen wollen wir wieder auferleben lassen und zusammen feiern. Daher sind wir daran, das Hawaii „Hana Hou“ Festival für im August 2016, auf die Beine zu stellen. Dazu brauche wir noch Helfer, Wissen und Erfahrung. Wir brauchen tatkräftige Leute die auf freiwilliger Basis ein nie dagewesenes grossartiges Hawaii Festival mit uns zum Erfolg verhelfen möchten. Was wir bieten können ist, neue Freunde und Geschichten aus Hawaii kennen zu lernen, grandiose hawaiianische Folk, Blues, Slack Key Musik zu Ohren zu bekommen. Ein traumhafter Abend erleben, dies können wir dir bieten.

Wir benötigen Hilfe bei:

  • Marketing
  • Sponsoring
  • Grafik
  • Planing
  • Netzwerk
  • Helfer allg.
  • Ideen

Hast du Zeit und ein Interesse an hawaiianische Kultur und ihrer vielfältige Musik, bekannte Musiker und hawaiianische Leute kennen zu lernen, so melde dich bitte unter:



Mitmachen für Sugar Cane Culture Club Mitgliedschaft

Mitmachen für Sugar Cane Culture Club Mitgliedschaft. Sie können Sugar Cane Culture Club finanziell unterstützen.

 Wir haben mehrere Projekte am laufen wie

  • 365 Tage Fotos um die Welt. Daraus sollte es ein Gesamtbild geben und mit den besten Bildern ein Buch. Ein Teil des evtl. eingenommen Geldes, werden diverse Nonprofit Organisatione unterstützt, welche ihre alte Kultur der Jugend lernt.
  • Geplant war auch der Hawaii-Event in der Schweiz, der leider abgesagt werden musste. Aber nicht wegen uns, sondern wegen Stockholm, Amsterdam und Brüssel. WIr haben entschieden, dass es von Amerika her keinen Sinn macht für ein Konzert in Luzern soweit zu fliegen. Daher die Absage.
  • Weiter sind wir an einer Art (Kunst) Projekt von jungen Schweizer Künstlern. Auch diese sollten ihre Change bekommen.
  • Danach geht es wieder nach Amerika zu den NAtive Peoplen. WIr wollen euch ein Festival offerieren, welches Filme von Indianern gemacht und finanziert wurde. Also kein Hollywood!

Sofern du Lust hast, dabei zu sein bei unserem Verein, bist du herzlich eingeladen. Über Mitgliedsbeiträge haben wir noch nicht diskutiert, aber wir nehmen gerne jeden Betrag an, um die Minority (Minderheit) zu unterstützen und dir ein Erlebnis zu geben.


Unser Konto: PC 61-837788-0 

IBAN: CH96 0900 0000 6183 7788 0

Open Photography Project: 365 Days Around the World

Open Photography Project: 365 Days Around the World, presented by Sugar Cane Culture Club, a global photograph collection project. Please Like Sugar Cane Culture Club on Facebook to receive Event updates.This project features four categories:
• Graffiti (photo release form for commercial property photographed: http://tinyurl.com/klvhfb3)
• Landscape
• Male/Female Portraits (adults: http://tinyurl.com/o3q3j47 & minor children: http://tinyurl.com/o8qprnh)
• Scenes of Community or Urban Decay
Email the following to mmCoordinates@gmail.com:
• Full Name for photograph credit
• Website to promote your work
• category
• Attachment for image Submission
By submitting photographs to this project on Sugar Cane Culture Club’s page/site, the photographer agrees her/his photograph:
• Taken between the Event Dates (16. February 2015 to 15. February 2016)
• Model Release Form: Sign and upload with male/female Portraits (adults: http://tinyurl.com/o3q3j47 & minor children: http://tinyurl.com/o8qprnh)
• May be displayed on Sugar Cane Culture Club website/s, including social networks, promotional brochures, advertisements, posters, calendars, etc.

All photographs accepted. However, photograph requirements for publication Project include:
• 3-6 megapixel
• 300 DPI
• Minimum: 3000×2000 Pixel
• File formats: .JPG or .GIF
• Setting on camera: GPS activated

The best photographs featured on Sugar Cane Culture Club’s new websites, along with complete name of photographers.

Part 1: 16. February 2015 to 15. June 2015
Part 2: 16. June 2015 to 15. October 2015
Part 3: 16. October 2015 to 15. February 2016

At the end of the „In 365 Days Around the World“, a fundraiser creates a publication of the photograph collection. Project details being developed.

All photograph submissions will remain the property of the photographer.


Website: Hawai’i Event 2014

Hawai’i Event in Lucerne, Switzerland


Danny Carvalho’s “Perpetuation of the Havai’ian knowledge has been a constant in my career…” He recently graduated from the University of Havai’i with a bachelor’s degree in Havai’ian Studies. He was the first slack key guitarist featured on U.S. nationally syndicated radio program, “From the Top” in 2004.

Keale, cousin to the late Israel „IZ“ Kamakawiwo’ole, famed for remake of “Somewhere over the rainbow.” At age 36, Keale started `ukulele and performed in public since 2003. As a member of Kaukahi, the band won four Hoku Hanohano awards. Keale interests include Native American rights and social justice issues. His music promotes justice, healing, and unconditional love.

Stephen Inglis was born and reared on O’ahu. His musical influences include John Coltrane, with the song catalog of Bob Dylan. He began his musical career as a rock guitarist, then he developed into a virtuoso of Havai’ian slack key guitar. His music release, “Waimaka Helelei: Dennis Kamakahi” (2011), is on permanent display at the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington, DC.

Chris Lau, son of Havai’ian Slack Key Guitar Festival director Milton Lau, is a bass player who accompany the slack key guitar musicians on stage. His work has also been featured on several slack key guitar productions.

Milton Lau started the Havai’ian Slack Key Festival in 1982 to keep and perpetuate a unique Havai’ian tradition and to pay tribute to Gabby „Pops“ Pahinui, a Havai’ian music performer. Mr. Lau is a recognized music producer with his label: Ka-Hoku Productions. He has organized over 90 festivals and is an accomplished musician. Mr. Lau also founded the Ki-ho’alu Foundation.

Ian O’Sullivan is classically trained composer and guitarist from the North Shore of O’ahu, Hawai’i. His Western classical repertoire complements his Hawai’ian slack-key guitar and the ‘ukulele. His training and musicality brought him Carnegie’s Weil Recital Hall and other renowned stages. As a child, Ian played the ‘ukulele by ear; as Kamehameha Schools student, he experimented with various genres of music. While attending the University of Hawai’i, he was introduced to classical guitar by Grammy Award winning artist and UH lecturer Jeff Peterson. Ian became the first guitar student from Hawai’i accepted into Yale University’s School of Music. Ian successfully funded his release Ka’ena to Kahuku with a Kickstarter fundraiser.

LT Smooth was born and raised in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Because LT Smooth’s early life was stricken with substance abuse, his music promotes “heal[ing for] what we go through in life…” and “about my journey through the struggles.” He is versatile in most genres and is multi-instrumental. He currently resides in Kona of Havai’i’s Big Island.

Harry B. Soria was born into a radio broadcast family—with a 90-year history on Havai’i’s airwaves. Territorial Airways has been delivering vintage Havai’ian music, of which Mr. Soria is responsible for the last 35 consecutive years. He has released recordings of his program, 25 to date, focusing on legendary performers. For the Havai’i event in Switzerland, Mr. Soria will emcee the slack key section of the program.

Slack Key Guitar History

The musical history of the Polynesian Islands reaches further than the islands’ relative size. The Havai‘ian music is distinctive and has influenced various genres, including American Rock, Hip-Hop, and the Delta blues.

The guitar first arrived in Havai’i in 1837 through Mexican immigrants, who were influenced by Portuguese immigrants at an earlier date. Through the guitar, Havai’ian music and culture for storytelling changed forever.

The last reigning monarchs were accomplished musicians; King David Laʻamea Kamanakapuʻu Mahinulani Nalaiaehuokalani Lumialani Kalākaua and Queen Lydia Paki Kamehamea Liliʻuokalani Kumulipo had close relationships with Belgium and England, and the monarchs‘ music reflects this European influence. Their music is still performed on a weekly basis through the Royal Havai’ian Band, based in Honolulu, Havai’i.


Sugar Cane Culture Club is a registered association in Switzerland.

Sugar Cane Culture Club’s Havai’i Event supports two Havai’i-based nonprofit organizations: 1) INPEACE.org for their work with Native Havai’ian youth; and 2) Aha Punana Leo.org for their efforts to perpetuate the Havai’ian language.

The Havai’i Event in Switzerland is a unique branding opportunity for companies to invest in. For those companies interested in leveraging the Havai’i Event, ask about sponsorship packages by contacting our office.

About Commercial Registry in Zürich Canton, Switzerland

Name: Sugar Cane Culture Club

Company Number: CHE-478-427-823

Legal Nature: Verein (German for association)

Incorporation: 22.10.2014

PC – Account-Nr.: 61 – 837788 – 0

IBAN: CH96 0900 0000 6183 7788 0

Sugar Cane Culture Club offers an opportunity to support a five-year plan to create a self-sustaining nonprofit organization in Havai’i that serves the Native Havai’ian population. Contact our office for more details.

1999 Seal of Department of Hawai'i Foreign Affairs

Seal of the Republic of Hawaii ’s Department of Foreign Affairs. To 2.54 cm ( 1 inch ) diameter impression on red wax. Photo courtesy of Hawai’i State Archives Digital Collections.


12.01.2015 ¦ Manager of Hawai’ian musicians decides to cancel Hawai’i Event in Switzerland

06.01. 015 ¦ Sugar Cane Culture Club offers to pay Manager of Hawai’ian musicians in advance with sponsorship funds

22.12.2014 ¦ Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium cancel their shows

18.12.2014 ¦ Schweizerhof Luzern Hotel is reserved for Hawai’i Event

02.11.2014 ¦ CHF1- per Hawai’i Event ticket sold: Donated to two mentioned Hawai’i-based nonprofits

27.10.2014 ¦ Stockholm, Sweden cancels their show

24.09.2014 ¦ Selected Aha Punana Leo.org for Hawai’i-based nonprofit to support

24.09.2014 ¦ Selected INPEACE.org for Hawai’i-based nonprofit to support

25.08.2014 ¦ Registered association in Switzerland for Sugar Cane Culture Club

20.98.2014 ¦ Ke Kai O Kahiki confirmed at men’s hula halau for „Hawai’i Event“

08.08.2014 ¦ Created Web app for mobile devices

07.08.2014 ¦ Created English website

06.08.2014 ¦ Created German website

04.2014 ¦ Held first team meeting

01.2014 ¦ Started planning for „Hawai’i Event in Switzerland“

25.02.2013 ¦ Filed Articles of Organization for MMFE, LLC

01.08.2011 ¦ Filed DBA Model Minority Fashion Exposition, Honolulu, Hawai’i, US

Meet the Team

The Team is a collection of dedicated individuals, bringing Havai’ian performing artists to share their heritage and culture.

Alfio Di Fazio, Aduiotechnik & techn. Koordination

Gérard Koch, Eventerantwortlicher

Beat Kumschick, Grafik & Socialmedia Designer

Simon Murer, Lichtdesign & Dokumentation

Shana Okuda, Managerin für Havai’i Kontakte & Marketing


Havai’i Event entertains Switzerland. The „Havai’i in Switzerland Event“ features authentic Havai’ian culture and Native Havai’ian performing artists in Switzerland.

The Sugar Cane Culture Club is a registered association in Switzerland.

Substantive rights on the website images, except YouTube link, belong to Gérard Koch. Website images under History: Slack-key guitar and Hula dance are the copyright from the digital archive of the Havai’i State. For the use of images and video clips of the musicians and guests, Sugar Cane Culture Club team has the consent of the musicians and guests. Rights are subject to the respective musicians, third-party companies, as well as YouTube, and associated persons. For all misuses, alterations to the site, changes of the YouTube playlist: „Havai’i Event in Switzerland“ or otherwise engaging the team, Gérard Koch and Sugar Cane Culture Club will start legal action.

For possible damage to any person’s electronic devices, Sugar Cane Culture Club team cannot be held liable.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

Sugar Cane Culture Club