Reviewing the Week

This week brought many good things to MMFE. With limitations placed on resources, MMFE, like a compact house built-in Japan’s Tokyo, secret storage spaces abound. The best creations are those with the least in resources. Sure, nothing can surpass an event hosted by Kamehameha Schools, something most Hawai’i students who take part in can attest to.

30 June to 6 July schedule.

30 June to 6 July schedule.

I recall participating in a Speech Contest while at Wai’anae Intermediate School as a drama student. I remember looking out from the arches of the Kamehameha cafeteria, which are viewable from Lunalilo Freeway (H-1). I dressed in a red blazer, blue printed blouse, and a pair of baggy blue jeans. My competition dressed in melon-colored dresses and wore shiny patented shoes.

My reading selection came from Shel Silverstein’s book, Where the Sidewalk Ends, and included „Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me, Too.“ I was not the first speaker, and I mitigated and improved what was lacking on the previous contestant. One of the four judges awarded me very high marks for my projection, enunciation and expressive delivery. People judge others on his or her appearance and not for what he or she delivers. It is important to recognize this is the general practice and response from most people.

Announcing dates being set for October; these are tentative dates, so please send your well wishes my way as I bring MMFE to the far corners of O’ahu in various meeting rooms in public spaces. Monday, I’ll be submitting program proposals for consideration and sponsorship, and I’ll be applying for event dates to reserve auditoriums.

Place value on differing perspectives to enrich and broaden your own life. A tiny house with a smaller space becomes a home. MMFE lives by its motto: Trends taking people places–especially if that place is a mindset!

What’s your favorite Poem?

Preparing with Community Events

At the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, No.1 Capitol District Building in Honolulu.

In the lobby at the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, No.1 Capitol District Building in Honolulu.

Two people with over a dozen years of experience between the two of them, plus a State administrator from the Strategic Marketing and Support Division, with State funding, got me listening to myself as I listed everything MMFE intended to deliver. „You can’t do that“, motivates me. These four words were a godsend.

I ignored signs that indicated teammates were missing and that I needed to reassess MMFE’s purpose. My immunity was low. I was too exhausted to finish my daily blog post. My office chair was uncomfortable after 40 minutes of sitting. This list continues with the loss of time to spend with Al (who leaves my household in six weeks) and Davy’s doctor’s appointments aren’t scheduling themselves. Sixteen hour work days is a lot to sustain for any time, much less for six months.

Hawai’i Fashion Month calendar won’t feature any MMFE Program. My focus brought me back to the relevancy to my target audience in October to my target audience, middle school students and up. The second week of October is when the public schools are out for autumn break. I’m thinking further about community venues that may take part with MMFE to host a series of fashion documentaries accompanied with an MMFE Program for industry-related guest Speakers.

Entrance of Auditorium of the Mayor's Office of Culture and the Arts.

Entrance of Auditorium of the Mayor’s Office of Culture and the Arts.

During today’s activities, of which I completed three of my four tasks–always pleased when completing the most, I met with the Productions Assistant of the Mayor’s Office of Culture and the Arts, who allowed me to do a site inspection of the Missions Memorial Auditorium. It’s a gorgeous venue because community members, like you and I, adhere to the strict rule: Keep food and drinks outside.

Some of the Mission Memorial Auditorium’s limitations:

  • Marketing is challenging because of its site
  • 250 seat capacity–community  organizations may apply with events with at least 75 attendees
  • Availability: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5pm-9pm; and Saturdays, 8am-9pm, Event allowed a maximum of 8-hour time block (Call for current availability.)
  • Provide own short-throw lens projector
  • Two screen sizes available: 8’x8′ or 9’x12′
  • 2-3 volunteer ushers REQUIRED to enforce „Keep Food and Drinks outside“ policy
  • Auditorium is not a child-friend venue. No unsupervised children allowed. Strollers must stay at the back of the Auditorium or outside for evacuation safety.

MMFE is booking this venue immediately!

Back to my meeting, as October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month, MMFE could receive support and partner with nonprofits to host a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® fundraiser event, a Fashion Design Shoe Contest, and interviews with Hawai’i-based fashion apparel designers. MMFE is shape shifting into a manageable and Shana-friendly enterprise.

What does it take for you to realize that you took on more than you can handle?

Dressing for Fashion Exposition

Some days at MMFE are about catching up on all the loose ends, like email. Email, as Anmarie notes, is „still impressive in my book. I know it is convenient and helps commercial communications…“ yet, it’s a matter of personal preference and effectiveness. Through Anmarie’s example, I also use the postal service to mail letters, which evokes a better response rate from than email does.

For letter writing, I had my stationary created by a graphic designer, Beat Kumschick, for a professional letterhead. There are other methods for creating a letterhead and other business tools, like business cards and logos for various uses on the internet. There are too many to list here.

Yesterday, I mailed a letter to the Historical Costume Museum with the hopes of exhibiting some Hawai’ian apparel. Looking at the history of clothing in a cultural context examines the reasoning behind and era’s way of dressing. By exhibiting period clothing during MMFE Events, Hawai’i’s youth can also open their own way of creating their unique styles in daily dressing.

When I was a high school student, I dressed with a preppy look. I thought I was buying clothing that would last me into the next decade and had nothing to do with Wai’anae, but this outlook has changed (and the long straight skirts lost their elasticity) as I visit Poka’i Bay for swimming once a month. When a person can freely be who he or she wants, there is a greater chance he or she will return to the home land with appreciation. The surrounding environment is malleable and forgiving.

Dr. Linda B. Arthur, of the Textiles and Clothing Program at University of Hawai’i’s CTAHR Video Production Facility produced Hawai’ian Dress: The Holoku in Cultural Context:

Yesterday was also for handling MMFE’s taxes. To stay in business, stay on top of the important tasks.

What was your favorite look as a Teenager?


Informing with Good Talks

This post got snipped too tiny for the text to reposted. One thing I remember about inspecting the Neal S. Blaisdell Exhibition Hall was the technician, whose name is lost in the original blog post below. He informed that many new event planners typically reserved smaller rooms, then they expand as their event grew.rsz_infomation_&_good_talks_blog

He also mentioned that the Galleria, see second photo with the glass ceiling, heats up during the day. The air conditioning has no effect in this part of the exhibition hall.

Most big events that take place in the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall have been around for nearly a decade or more. Some popular upcoming events  include:

Great Guns Show

Home & New Products Show

Hawai’i Ocean Expo

Private Trade Show & Expo

18th Annual Islandwide Spring Crafts & Food Expo

Hawai’i Pet Expo & Puppy Match

New Baby Expo

Body, Mind & Spirit Expo

Summer Great Outdoors & New Product Show

Hawai’i Bridal Expo

Pacific Ink & Art Expo

BIA Remodel It Right, Remodel It Green Expo

Made in Hawai’i Festival 2015

Dog Show 2015

13th Annual Hawai’i Woman Expo

Senior Fair 2015

Oh Baby! Family Expo

Fall Food & New Products Show

Season’s Best Craft Fair 2015

Mayor’s Annual Craft & Country Fair 2015

29th Islandwide Christmas Crafts & Food Expo

What’s your favorite event at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall?

Making Decisions

Making decisions, as with any deadline, quickly enables people to move forward with their work. Meeting deadlines causes a pause my work rhythm, slowing down my productivity. However, MMFE’s productivity moves forward altogether. It is critical to separate the details from the big picture.

Back to handling details: Thursdays, after 2pm, is the best time to get your phone calls through. I successfully contacted every person except one; either people returned my phone call or picked up their phone. The one that didn’t go through is because I tried squeezing in one more call at 3:59pm. Thursday afternoons are my official business call days. Find what works for you and add productive activies to your regular schedule. Eliminate what doesn’t work, and this will free up time in your schedule.

Rotunda of Hawai'i State Capitol.

Rotunda of Hawai’i State Capitol.

If I decide to host an MMFE program at the Hawai’i State Capitol, Senator Will Espero will endorse my event. Before endorsement, however, I need to fit into the Hawai’i State’s Permit Provisions. Tomorrow, I’ll do a site inspection to check out the space with the Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS oversees third and fourth floors of the State Capitol). I would need to submit a separate Special Use Permit for the second floor. The limiting factors, MMFE faces: 1) Weekday usage during business hours, until 4:30p; 2) No Saturday event; 3) No solicitations from exhibitors.

The State Capitol is worth keeping in mind for promotions prior to October. I’m looking forward to seeing the Capitol’s Auditorium on the Chamber Floor. Sadly, this first venue choice won’t be the one, so the search continues.

Sponsorship responses are coming in. Today, I received a response from a Hotel and Resort Company. Sponsorship on a local level is nebulous; Hawai’i has, understandably, a different criteria than other regions of the country. It is always a good idea to respond quickly and with gratitude to keep the door open.

Fun posing in Waikiki.

Fun posing in Waikiki.

A competent team is essential for executing a major exposition; however, nobody gives their time away for nothing. This is a shout-out to Gérard, the cook, without whom I’d still be a Pilates and yoga instructor. What’s a fun thing you’ve been done with somebody else?

Rocking Test for High Heels

Rocking Test for High Heels is the first of six blog posts that were snipped for its logo inclusion, thus the text is too little to be copied into this reposting.The original posting was entitled „Fashion Shoe Findings“ and is not about finding „hot“ shoes for Model Minority Fashion Exposition. This blog introduced Fashion Shoe Design for Hawai’i’s youth to participate in.

The first image of a metallic and blue flowered heel is actually a bath tub. This product is available in several colors and is manufactured in Italy. The second image is a red high heel encasing a tri-wheel motorcycle.

fashion shoe findings blog p1The third Image is of healthy hoof care for the species Eohippus. If there is proper hoof shapes that enable horses to trot comfortably, then there must also be an appropriate height for a heeled shoe. Depending on the wearer’s ankle strength and pliability of ligaments and tendons, the right heel height can be found and it’s different for everyone. As an enthusiast for comfortable footware, wearing heels requires a variety of foot- and ankle- specific exercises.

The fourth image is a video of „Walking on Hooves“, a creation of Oonacat. After this video came out, Oonacat mentioned that her Hooves are extreme footwear on her Facebook’s Notes. There you can find helpful tips for wearing her Hooves. These same tips might also be useful for wearing heeled shoes in general. This is the same video included in my first blog.

The last image is of Dr. Laurie Marker of the Cheetah Conservation Fund. I first read about her efforts in the Smithsonian Magazine. I was looking to tie Dr. Marker’s work into this blog and noticed the high place of cheetahs‘ heel pad. Unfortunately, this image was cut off in the image I included in the first blog post.

The next video encourages me to check out a pair of high heels and take it for a test walk. Apply Chyna Whyne’s Rocking Test on the next pair of high heels you’re considering to buy. Maybe anyone who trips while wearing high heels is completely normal… maybe it’s the poor construction of high heel manaufaturers.

Do you exercise your feet and ankles to be fit enough to wear high heels?

Progress Report: Mailing sponsorship letters over the past three weeks before the end of the fiscal year (30 June) had me working 14- to 16-hour days. Last week, I mailed out my last sponsorship letter to Company One. Today, I received a letter of decline from them. One thing I’ve learned, when submitting a 13-page sponsorship proposal: Don’t settle for a three sentence-letter of decline. Tomorrow, I’ll be reviewing the letters I submitted to companies.

Using Covey’s Priorities

Using Covey’s Priorities: Tonight’s super moon has challenged me all day to get through my MMFE Tasks while semi-crippled with an over abundance of emotions. A super moon occurs every 14 moons, so minor daily emergencies and weekly deadlines normally surface with immense urgency. The effort of organizing my calendar late last night was worth doing.

Today, I realized how little time I have left with  Al. I found myself looking at his early art work and school awards, and even found the wristband that he came home in after my delivery. Next fall, he’ll be a junior in high school, but two weeks ago he told me that he wanted to return to San Francisco. He’s been a good sport staying with me here in Hawai’i for the past three years. I have an extra priority of seeing Al off to stay with his father.


From Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

You’d be correct in noting my efforts to avoid the inevitable of parting with my son. As I work from home, my door is always open, and he stops by when he needs half a gallon of milk, as if I still produce it directly. When I leave food for him in the kitchen, he’ll walk my room and say, in his slow and low monotone voice, „Thanks, Mom“, raising his plate to me as I turn to see him pass the doorway.

The transition prompted me to take stock in my efforts and search for some winning moments in my work today. The website now has a blog link with updated Content. I caught up with internal communications and completed a few important tasks. One goal to work on is to organize, digitize and go paperless–not all at once but steadily. I’ve allotted this task two hours of my Friday afternoons to make a minor dent by the end of the year.

Knowing which to rank as important or urgent will create an effective to-do list. Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People places the order of importance thusly: 1) Important; 2) Urgent; 3) Not important; 4) Not urgent. Each task is one of these four, and labeling each task is highly personal. Writing out all the tasks, chores and duties needed to manage an enterprise, or a household, may seem like more work. However, with identifying every task, prioritizing for effectiveness and efficiency is attainable. Covey states that most people spend time in the important and not important quadrants. For success, focus more time and effort to completing important and urgent tasks as top priorities. Simply having some awareness of the sort of task being worked on may change your behavior without writing down this assignment.

What’s important to you? My dear friend and Mentor Anmarie told me to spend more time with people can hug you back because they’re worth more than stuff.