Israel „Bruddah IZ“ Kamakawiwo’ole

UPDATE: Kickstarter project was successfully funded!

Crowd Fundraiser Last six days of fundraiser for Hawai’ian musician Israel Kamakawiwo’ole on Kickstarter for movie project, and the amount has not reached half the amount. I posted filmmaker Jennifer Akana Sturla’s Kickstarter video on the following Hawai’ian Facebook Groups: H2’O – Hawai’i Bilingual / Hawai’i ‚Olelo Palua, which is where I discovered the connection between the Kickstarter prizes, two vintage tees, with 1978. This was the year the Hawai’i State Constitution restored Hawaiian as an official language. Papa ‚Olelo Hawai’i, where Hawaiian language students and teachers share information and manao (Hawiian for thoughts, ideas, knowledge or opinions) about Hawaiian language. Royal Order of Kamehameha I, Moku ‚O Kapuāiwa, was established on 11. April 1865 by his Majesty King Kamehameha V Lot Kapuāiwa to honor the legacy of his grandfather, the unifier of the Hawaiian islands, Kamehameha the Great. Aloha O Hula, for those who love Hula from Hawaii. Mooolelo Hawaiian History was the title of the first text on Hawaiian history by the Lahainaluna scholars. Total Independence for Hawaii, members can be Hawaiians and Non-Hawaiians in support of our cause. Makua, Native Hawaiian Kahuna Elder, Hale Kealohalani Makua, Keeping the Memories and the Teachings Alive Perpetuates Living in the Spirit of Aloha. The Slippah Club, for those who live in their slippahs. Keep The Music Playing, for independent musicians and indie record labels from around the world to further expose their Music. Aloha Hawai’i, posting all things Hawai’ian. Hoa ‚Olele Hawai’i, friends of the Hawai’ian language. Academy of Hawai’ian Arts, Hula hālau directed by Kumu Hula Mark Keali’i Ho’omalu in Oakland, CA. SNAG Magazine, Seventh Native American Generation (SNAG) is a grassroots media arts organization that provides free Workshops for youth. Aloha Always, Hugs TO You! Native American and American Indian Issues, People interested Native and Indigenous issues. Hawai’i Business Connections, Hawaii’s own „Coconut Wireless advertisement“. Friends of The Hawai’ian Music World, open to anyone who loves Hawaiian music and Adult Contemporary. In Our Kanaka World. Polynesian Dance and Culture Connection, Group for Hula/ Polynesian Dancers. Hawai’i Aloha ‚Aina, a more honest look at Hawai’ian history. Hawaiian History and Culture, Pacific Island Yard Sale, The Makaha Sons, Keali’i Reichel Hui, HAWAIIANS AROUND THE WORLD and You know your from Wai’anae when… are Closed FB Groups, which is where the good stuff can be found.

Official Sites Iz’s notable Wikipedia article states that he was born in Honolulu, Territory of Hawai’i. Iz’s official website is a blog and store that started in Janauary 2009 and was maintained until December 2014. A mobile app was developed for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices to enjoy Iz on the go. Mountain Apple Company Inc. holds the rights to licensing Iz’s Music. Mountain Apple Co. also has a Vimeo account. There are 19 Iz videos on their Youtube channel. From Mountain Apple Company Hawai’i’s Website, a summary captures Iz’s musical career, along with merchandise and contact for licensing requests. IMDb’s list of movies that licensed Iz’s work. The Hawaiian Music Island, the world’s online source for Hawaiian music since 1995 and whose website is appropriately called (Hawaiian for song), offers all of Israel’s music in CD Format. Israel „IZ“ Kamakawiwo’ole’s FB page and his Twitter account. Star-Bulletin’s obituary of Israel written in 1997, and documentation with „Isles bid aloha, not goodbye, to ‚Brudda Iz.'“ The Honolulu Advertiser retraces „A late night for recording ‚Rainbow.'“ Even the Deepak’s Chopra Foundation, Dedicated conscious caring shared Iz for their „Music Monday.“ Visiting a grave site means to Find a Grave of Israel „Iz“ Kamakawiwo’ole in Kaneohe, HI.

Online Radio Rhapsody mentions Israel as a full-blooded Hawai’ian and make his top tracks available. iTunes offers an audio preview of Iz’s songs. Jango offers videos, lyrics and free Radio with one audio ad per day. is a beta website offering a biography of Israel along with tracks, albums, pictures and similar artists. MetroLyrics has Israel’s „Over the Rainbow“ lyrics and a music video. Songtext also has lyrics and inlcudes his „Ooooo oooooo ohoohohoo…“ Mtv Artist is in beta, yet it offers Iz’s biography; sadly, the author/machine did not bother to research that Iz died in 1997 and at the bottom of their Webpage, it asked: „Are You Israel Kamakawiwo’ole? Claim this page. The Artist Direct’s biography of Israel includes many internal links. Hawai’ian Rainbow, it’s a Tropical vacation for your ears, created a page for Iz with several interesting links created just after his passing. Spotify’s overview.

Chords & Lyrics Music iPreciation WIKI includes the story of Iz’s inspiration to recording of „Somewhere Over The Rainbow.“ Reddit TIL contains 17748 comments regarding „Rainbow“ recording. Iz’s „Kuhio Bay“ lyrics were translated from Hawai’ian to English on Lyric Wikia. GuitarTAB! offers the chords for „Somewhere Over The Rainbow“ along with the lyrics. AllMusic mentions Iz’s nickname, „The Gentle Giant“, and includes a full biography, discography, songs, credits and awards. The UltimateGuitar’s Website contains Israel’s chords, ‚ukulele, tab pro, power tab, tabs, guitar pro and video lessons for 14 „Iz“ songs. Easy ‚Ukulele called Israel the Hawai’ian Superman. E-chords has 17 songs on chords and tabs of Iz’s work. 911Tabs offers 125 chords and tabs to Iz’s songs. Notendownload offers sheet music for the „Somewhere over the rainbow“ and they have an excellent videos on their FB page. Resounds‘ „Somewhere over the rainbow.“ SongMeanings has 59 comments about the meaning of „Somewhere over the rainbow.“ Legitmix also has Mashup of Jason Mraz’s „I’m yours“, Bobby McFerrin’s „Don’t worry, be happy“ and Iz’s „Somewhere over the rainbow“, which was created by DJ Dain.

Hawai’ian Activism Israel Kamakawiwo’ole is Hawai’ian by nationality, not American as NNDB, which tracks the entire world, stated. AboutEntertainment mentioned Israel’s political activism. Honolulu Civil Beat’s „Was Israel Kamakawiwo’ole a Native Hawai’ian Activist?“ The Honolulu Advertiser’s „Israel’s way: Activism beyond politics.“ NPR reports Iz as one of the „50 Great Voices“ and posted three other interesting articles. If you were Born in Hawai’i or are Hawai’ian by parentage, then you can apply to be a Hawaiian National of the sovereign independent Hawaiian Kingdom. There is also the Hawai’ian Kingdom, which also has a regularly posting blog.

Iz Articles in German and French Der Tagesspiegel and Zeit Online, Kultur, Musik’s Annette Kögel wrote an article „Hit aus dem Jenseits.“ Spiegel Online Video posted Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s „Over the Rainbow“ on 15. October 2010. Sunshinmusikbox OFFline posted on Israel’s „Over The Rainbow“ on 03. July 2007. listed Israel Steckbrief. Laut’s biographie of Israel. Two of his videos are on MyVideo. Prosieben listed Israel in „Stars“ of their Star Datenbank. Universal Music Group’s biografie of Iz. Golyr offers Iz’s „Somewhere over the rainbow“ translated in German. „White Sandy Beach of Hawai’i“ was translated. Giga Games‘ Website mentions Israel in six articles, including Melody Gardot: „Over The Rainbow“ kostenlos downloaden vom Album „My One and Only Thrill.“ wrote Iz’s bio. NZZ Folio wrote „500 Kilo Hawai’i“ in June 2011. wrote HitCycling about Iz. features 175 reviews of Iz’s Music. Ampya wrote about Israel. The Universal Music Group created the a visually stunning website. Cosmopolitan Staragora’s Iz biography.

Imposters & Downloads While Myspace was founded in 2003, Israel has 923 People in „his account“, is connected and 5635 people connected to „his account.“ I expected to see a Mountain Apple Company Video, but I found a „verified“ IsraelKVEVO Youtube videos. seems to have an Israel imposter. „Using BitTorrent is legal, downloading copyrighted material isn’t.“ However, one can see accounts that recently downloaded Israel’s „Somewhere over the Rainbow.“ Search.4shared has 170 „Kamakawiwo“ songs available for downloading. In U.S., items sold on Amazon are a problem for both authors and musicians. Is the situation similar on Pandora is restricted in Switzerland., download0,, makes download available. Matt Holliday’s download. There are too many to include here.

Interesting Miscellaneous Links Iz is listed as a folk singer on Famous Birthdays, with an overall ranking of #11840. The American National Biography Online is a website where the life of a nation is told by the lives of its people…, mentions some details of his early work life. Brainyquote has four quotes by Iz, including „…we Hawai’ians live in both worlds.“ AZ Quotes also has Iz quotes. Billboard’s Israel page includes chart history, biography and articles (mainly name mentions). Kamakawiwo closed its Guestbook section. ‚Ukulele Magazine’s The Wizardry of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole was published 20. May 2015. RootsWorld’s article, „The legendary Hawai’ian singer continues to inspire millions with his music.“ HitFix’s exclusive article „Sarah Brightman duets with Israel Kamakawiwo’ole on ‚Hawai’i ’78‘. The Guardian’s „Somewhere over the rainbow…lies a crock of Gold.“ Daily Kos‘ „Musical Discovery Reprise: Remembering Israel Kamakawiwo’ole“ published 11. January 2013. MichaelCorcoran’s „Discovering Israel ten years ago.“ What kind of exaggeration manages to get in SF Gate’sHawai’i, he sang of thee–and people listened„? KCRW Rhythm Planet’s Israel: Alive and Well in Hawai’i–and Everyplace else. I don’t know what to make of The Independent’s title „Israel is Hawaii but not forgotten.“ Great Israel handbill! Born at Kuakini Hospital. There are many Iz „Pins“ on Pinterest.

Donate to IZ Kickstarter The purpose of writing about Israel Kamakawiwo’ole is to create one place full of the most interesting articles and to inspire readers to support filmmaker Jennifer Akana Sturla’s Kickstarter project. I wrote this less than a week to go. I hope this post is share and donations funnel into IZ’s Kickstarter Project to be funded. Mahalo nui for reading. Be well with aloha!

Hawaiian Music in 432 Hz

„A=432 Hz,“ according to Attuned Vibrations, „known as Verdi’s ‘A’ is an alternative tuning that is mathematically consistent with the universe. Music based on 432Hz transmits beneficial healing energy, because it is a pure tone of math fundamental to nature.“ Attuned Vibrations further discusses the universal music of sacred geometry and its healing benefits.

I was waiting for Hawaiian music in 432 Hz to magically appear on Youtube, however, the wait was long. Then I realized that I would need to create the music collection on behalf of Sugar Cane Culture Club. This introduction video is a minor comparison of the standard 440 Hz and the universal 432 Hz:

<iframe width=“560″ height=“315″ src=“; frameborder=“0″ allowfullscreen><!–iframe>

The following Israel Kamakawio’ole’s recordings were converted from 440 Hz to 432 Hz. Give a listen and check for yourself if there is any difference. To assist with hearing the minor adjustment, it is recommended one use over-the-ear headsets.

Maui Medley in 440 Hz:

Maui Medley in 432 Hz:

Tengoku Kara Kaminari in 440 Hz:

Tengoku Kara Kaminari in 432 Hz:

Kaleohano in 440 Hz:

Kaleohano in 432 Hz:

To find more Israel Kamakawio’ole and more Hawaiian music in 432 Hz, please subscribe to our Youtube Channel. Also find more posts on our Facebook page.


Sugar Cane Culture Club braucht deine Hilfe und Unterstützung.

Hawaii, vertretten durch Sir John Bowring, und dem Nationalrat Johann Heinrich Fierz und dem Bundesrat der Schweiz, hatten zusammen 1864 einen Freundschaftsvertrag unterzeichnet. Diesen wollen wir wieder auferleben lassen und zusammen feiern. Daher sind wir daran, das Hawaii „Hana Hou“ Festival für im August 2016, auf die Beine zu stellen. Dazu brauche wir noch Helfer, Wissen und Erfahrung. Wir brauchen tatkräftige Leute die auf freiwilliger Basis ein nie dagewesenes grossartiges Hawaii Festival mit uns zum Erfolg verhelfen möchten. Was wir bieten können ist, neue Freunde und Geschichten aus Hawaii kennen zu lernen, grandiose hawaiianische Folk, Blues, Slack Key Musik zu Ohren zu bekommen. Ein traumhafter Abend erleben, dies können wir dir bieten.

Wir benötigen Hilfe bei:

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Hast du Zeit und ein Interesse an hawaiianische Kultur und ihrer vielfältige Musik, bekannte Musiker und hawaiianische Leute kennen zu lernen, so melde dich bitte unter:


2015 Miss Aloha Hula of Merrie Monarch Festival

2015 Miss Aloha Hula of Merrie Monarch Festival! Wonderfully light footed hula dancers competing for Miss Aloha Hula title in solo performances this morning. I was up a little before 6:00 AM (UTC+01:00), so my set up was half hazard with sprawling wires leading from the workroom to the bedroom. I sat up half asleep at the edge of the bed near the doorway wondering, „Why don’t things work?“

Miss Aloha Hula took place Thursday 18:00, 9 April 2015 at the Edith Kanaka’ole Stadium in Hilo, Hawai’i. The hula competition has contestants performing hula in kahiko (traditional) and ‚auana (modern), as well as oli (chanting). The following audio recordings are of the Miss Aloha Hula contestants‘ oli. Order of appearance and 2015 Merrie Monarch Festival lineup with the final five counting down to 2015 Miss Aloha Hula of the Merrie Monarch Festival.

Miss Aloha Hula 2015 Contestant: Larriley Rawlins

Larriley Rawlins

Larriley Kehaulani Kaleonahe Kehahuna Rawlins (partial oli)

Kelsey Galago

Kelsey Galago

Kelsey Marie Ku’ulei Miliama Haina Galago

Tiana Soares

Tiana Soares

Tiana Kehaulani Arrocena Soares

Elizabeth Armstrong

Elizabeth Armstrong

Elizabeth Pualani Armstrong

Tiffany DeSilva

Tiffany DeSilva

Tiffany Kulani DeSilva

Tifeni Gene Ann Kanoe Elvenia’s oli was lost during the interrupted stream, sadly.

Alyssa Marie Ku’ulaniopu’u Mitsuko Akiyama

2015 Miss Aloha Hula of Merrie Monarch Festival Countdown:

‘Anela Tanigawa

‘Anela Tanigawa

‚Anela U’ilani Ruth Rusano Tanigawa (4th Runner Up)

Jayna Shaffer

Jayna Shaffer

I didn’t capture Jayna Marie Kau’iokalanimalie Shaffer’s oli (3rd Runner Up with 1074 points). Corrections are welcome in comments below.

Noelani Dudoit

Noelani Dudoit

Noelani Dudoit (2nd Runner Up with 1080 points)

With a delayed setup, I missed recording Miss Resulta's oli, who took 1st Runner Up for Miss Aloha Hula title (1085 points)

Abby Resulta

Abby Claire Hali’ahauola Resulta (1st Runner Up with 1085 points): I missed recording Miss Resulta’s oli, but I got one photo of her while my camera turned on in black and white mode–some things are not meant to be captured.

Jasmine Dunlap

Jasmine Dunlap

Ho’omaika’i ‚ana 2015 Miss Aloha Hula Jasmine Kaleihiwa Dunlap! Kimo Kahoano announces Kumu Kau’ionalani Kamana’o and Kunewa Mook of Hula Halau ‚O Kamuela, as Miss Dunlap performs „He Kau No Hi’iakaikapoliopele.“ Miss Dunlap scored 1113 points!

KEALE: Hawai’ian Music

KEALE: Hawai’ian music in Switzerland. Cousin of late Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole, performs 30. April 2015. Hawai’ian cultural event with performing artists. Hawai’i kommt in die Schweiz! Keale is producing Aina Kaula (Motherland). Click the link to hear about Keale’s album, and support his efforts with a contribution to his Kickstarter Project.


Moe Keale, uncle to Keale. Photo by George F. Lee.

The Hawai’i Event in Switzerland brings Keale’s music (mele: Hawaiian for song) to the stage! Lineage is important and Keale is an accomplished family name with musicality and other performing art talents. The Keale family includes Wilfred Nalani “Moe” Keale (03. December 1939-15. April 2002), an ukulele virtuoso and American actor. His acting roles included reoccuring role as Truck Kealoha on the original Hawai’i Five-O (1968-1980), and as Officer O’Saughnessy in The Brian Keith Show (September 1972-March 1974). Moe’s music includes:

  • Hawai’i’s Treasure: Uncle Moe Keale Live in Waikiki (2005)
  • South Sea Island Magic (2000)
  • Imagine (1996)
  • Aloha is a Part of Me (1995)

In an interview with Steven Wildsmith, “Hawai’ian musician… Keale brings island songs to East Tennessee,” and last updates 4. June 2014, Keale reveals himself as a reluctant performing artists. “I didn’t like to get attention,” commented Keale during his interview with Wildsmith, “because I thought God should be the focus. People would give me a compliment, and I would give guitars away and not play for three years, because I didn’t want to dishonor the Creator.” [Steven Wildsmith, of The Daily Times, writes for a family-owned periodical based Maryville, Tennessee of the Grate Smoky Mountains. Since 1883, the newspaper has delivered local news to its readers in the Blount County, Tennessee.] Wildsmith’s interview reveals Keale’s uncle visiting him the day following Moe’s death in 2002. Sitting on a beach, Moe sat next to Keale and encouraged him to deliver his music. “You are Keale,” Keale took away from their meeting. “It’s my family’s traditional name, and it means when the wave begins to crest. It means that’s the signal that the wave is coming,” Wildsmith reported from his interview.

Along side Keale’s uncle Moe is Keale’s cousin Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, who achieved fame for his Hawai’ian-style remake of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” For most of his life, Keale grew up as a fan of music, and even though he got his first ukulele at the age of 36, he never thought about performing publicly: “Why pick it up when you’re around these masters?” he said with a laugh.

Israel “Bruddah Iz” Kamakawiwo’ole discography: Studio albums:
  • Ka ‘Ano’i (1990)
  • Facing Future (1993)
  • E Ala E (1995)
  • N Dis Life (1996)

Compilation albums:

  • Iz in Concert: The Man and His Music (1998)
  • Alone in IZ World (2001)
  • Wonderful World (2007)
  • Over the Rainbow (2011)

Wildsmith’s interview uncovers Keale as the son of a father from Arkansas and native Hawai’ian mother. (His paternal grandfather’s uncle was Tom Mix, a silent film star.) He was reared in “Indian country” located outside of Yosemite National Park, where he  developed a taste for social justice issues through his interest in Native American rights. Keale’s path the music follows his work as a seminary professor, where he taught Hebrew and Greek. After being persuded by his uncle Moe, according to Wildsmith’s interview, “he realized that the shadows cast by his uncle and cousin were large ones to live up to.” The important message from Wildsmith’s reporting is Keale’s quote: I think that the number one thing for music to do is to share healing and unconditional love and justice. I talk a lot and do a lot of storytelling — I might do a 9-minute introduction to a 2-minute song — but I’m real easy with people, so it doesn’t feel awkward. I’m not an entertainer; I’m an educator, and that’s how I feel — that music is more educational than entertaining, because there’s always something to be said.”

Keale was reluctant to enter into the music scene because of what Moe and Iz experienced in the industry, as reported by Melissa Moniz, of MidWeek Publishings-an O’ahu Publication Company, with her interview with the musician in the summer of 2007. Moniz asked an interesting question: If you could just send out one message through your music, what would that be? In his interview, Keale replied: Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka  ʻĀina I Ka Pono. The land does not breathe when we are not pono (Hawai’ian for righteous). As long as we are not pono, we’ve got to change. We have to really get on with it. It’s all about perpetuating this thing that Ke Akua (God) created. Save the date: 09. May 2015 to experience Hawai’ian culture with Keale and other Hawai’ian performing artists. Find the latest updates about the Hawai’i Event in Switzerland on Facebook: Sugar Cane Culture Club. Please Like and Share to bring the Hawai’i Event to Switzerland.

Inhalt einer Website für Hawai’i Event (Part I)

Unsere Gäste und Videos

Hawai’i Event in der Schweiz ist als Playliste auf unserem Sugar Cane Culture Club Canal auf YouTube zu finden.

Danny Carvalho’s “Perpetuation of the Hawaiian knowledge has been a constant in my career…” He recently graduated from the University of Hawai’i with a bachelor’s degree in Hawaiian Studies. He also studied several genres including Latin, classical and folk to name a few. Danny Carvalho was the first slack key guitarist featured on US nationally syndicated radio program “From the Top” in 2004.

Keale, cousin to the late Israel Kamakawiwo’ole—famed for remake of “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” At age 36, Keale started `ukulele and performed in public since 2003. As a member of Kaukahi, the band won four Hoku Hanohano awards. Keale interests include Native American rights and social justice issues. His music promotes justice, healing, and unconditional love.

Stephen Inglis was born and reared on O’ahu. His musical influences include John Coltrane, with the song catalog of Bob Dylan. He began his musical career as a rock guitarist, then he developed into a virtuoso of Hawaiian slack key guitar. His music release, “Waimaka Helelei: Dennis Kamakahi” (2011), is on permanent display at the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.

Chris Lau, son of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival director Milton Lau, is a bass player who will accompany the slack key guitar musicians on stage. His work has also been featured on several slack key guitar productions.

Milton Lau started he Hawaiian Slack Key Festival in 1982 to preserve and perpetuate a unique Hawaiian tradition and to pay tribute to Gabby „Pops“ Pahinui, a Hawaiian music performer. Mr. Lau is a recognized music producer with his label: Ka-Hoku Productions. He has organized over 90 festivals and is an accomplished muscian. Mr. Lau also founded the Ki-ho’alu Foundation.

Ian O’Sullivan is classically-trained composer and guitarist from the North Shore of O’ahu, Hawai’i. His Western classical repertoire complements his Hawai’ian slack-key guitar and the ‘ukulele. His training and musicality brought him Carnegie’s Weil Recital Hall and other renowned stages. As a child, Ian played the ‘ukulele by ear; as Kamehameha Schools student, he experimented with various genres of music. While attending the University of Hawai’i, he was introduced to clasical guitar by Gramy Award winning artist and UH lecturer Jeff Peterson. Ian became the first guitar student from Hawai’i accepted into Yale University’s School of Music. Ian successfully funded his release Ka’ena to Kahuku with a Kickstarter fundraiser.

LT Smooth was born and raised in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Because LT Smooth’s early life was stricken with substance abuse, his music promotes “heal[ing for] what we go through in life…” and “about my journey through the struggles.” He is versatile in most genres and is multi-instrumental. He resides in Kona of Hawai’i’s Big Island.

Harry B. Soria was born into a radio broadcast family—with a 90-year history on Hawai’i’s airwaves. Territorial Airways has been delivering vintage Hawaiian music, of which Mr. Soria is responsible for the last 35 consecutive years. He has released recordings of his program, 25 to date, focusing on legendary performers. For the Hawai’i event in Switzerland, Mr. Soria will emcee the slack key section of the program.

Sponsoren —> Junge Hawaiianer lernen in der Gemeinschaft ihre Selbständigkeit und ihre alte Kultur

Aha Punana —> das Wiedererlernen der aussterbende Sprache „Hawai’ianisch“

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Slack Key Guitar History

Hawai’ian Hula Tänzerinen mit Gitarre und Ukulelen posiert im J.J. Williams’ (1853-1926) Photo Studio. ca. 1885. Photo mit freundlicher Genehmigung vom Hawai’i State Archives Digital Collections.

Hawai’ian Hula Tänzerinen mit Gitarre und Ukulelen posiert im J.J. Williams’ (1853-1926) Photo Studio. ca. 1885. Photo mit freundlicher Genehmigung vom Hawai’i State Archives Digital Collections.

Ob die Slack Key Guitar nun von Portugal oder von den mexikanischen Einwanderern im Jahre 1837 nach Hawai’i eingeführt wurde, ist unwichtig. Die Gitarre hat die hawaiianische Musik und Kultur für immer verändert. Durch den König Kamehameha V. und Kalaakaua mit der Nachfolgerin Lili’uokalani, welche eine grosse Beziehung zu Belgien und England hatte, schlug sich das Europäische auch vermehrt in der hawaiianischen Musik nieder.

Die hawaiianische Musik hatte auf die amerikanische Musik und auf die Hollywood-Filmgeschichte einen markanten Einfluss. Sie prägte die Rock-, die Hip Hop-Musik und speziell den Delta-Blues.

Die Musikgeschichte von den polynesischen Inseln ist immens gross im Vergleich zur ihrer Grösse der Inseln.

Hawai’i und die weiteren polynesischen Inseln beherbergen eine Unmenge von verschiedenen Musik-Stilen von Musikgruppen und Orchestern.


Siegel der Republik von Hawai’i’s Departement für auswärtige Angelegenheiten. 2.54 cm (1Zoll) Durchmesser Eindruck auf rotem Wachs. Photo mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Hawai’i State Archives Digital Collections.

Siegel der Republik von Hawai’i’s Departement für auswärtige Angelegenheiten. 2.54 cm (1Zoll) Durchmesser Eindruck auf rotem Wachs. Photo mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Hawai’i State Archives Digital Collections.

 12.01.2015 Manager of Hawai’ian musicians decide to cancel Hawai’i Event in Switzerland. Plans for 2016
 06.01.2015  SCCC offers to pay Manager of Hawai’ian musicians in advance with sponsorship funds
 22.12.2014  Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium cancel their shows
 18.12.2014  Schweizerhof Luzern Hotel is reserved for Hawai’i Event
 27.10.2014  Stockholm, Sweden cancels their show
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