Wahine (Hawaiian for female) dancing hula kahiko on beach.

Sugar Cane Culture Club is honored to collaborate with Kim Taylor Reece for the HANA HOU Hawaii Festival in Switzerland. Our 30-day crowdfunding campaign packages are well worth your support with and extra dose of aloha!

In his research, Kim has traveled with the Hawaii State Foundation of Culture and the Arts, enabling him to study and work with dancers from more than 37 different Pacific Islands. His extensive research of costumes and dances of the early Hawaiians captures the spirit and essence of this ancient ritual.

His unique style has established the visual standards for hula kahiko. As millions encounter Kim’s work everyday, it helps to preserve the hula and enrich lives with his fine art photography.

Kim’s award winning photography has brought him worldwide recognition. Over the years, Kim has received 15 Pele Awards (communication and arts), Print Magazine Awards, Kahili Awards (HVCB), Travel Journalism Awards and National Community Service Awards. His images have been acquired by collectors, dignitaries, and museums internationally. He continues to exhibit his work around the world.

40e6043649392bf039562023bc9f0e7cHe studied art at Long Beach State in California and, because he is color-blind, was told that he should „change majors or be a starving Artist“. He uses it to his advantage in capturing the subtleties of the kahiko in black and white. He uses sepia tone to represent the timelessness of the dance.

Kim has a gallery at Sacred Falls, Oahu, Hawaii. „The beauty in nature of the lush green valley and the striking blue ocean exemplifies what I am trying to portray through my work,“ says the artist of his remote location.

For those who appreciate hula, Kim Taylor Reece has devoted his talents to the celebration of Hawaii’s ancient dance.

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