MMFE visited the Hawai’i State Capitol to see the Auditorium on the Chamber Floor. It was a short site-inspection, and as I left, I could hear a coworker of Rodney (Operations Specialist at the Office of the Sergeant-At-Arms) ask, „Done already?“ The Auditorium was what I was expecting and just what I was looking for. I envision documentary screenings at this venue to promote MMFE in the weeks leading up to Hawai’i Fashion Month.

On the Chamber Floor is an Auditorium, Basement Level.

On the Chamber Floor is an Auditorium, Basement Level.

To host a community event in the Auditorium of the State Capitol, you can reserve any day of the week, except on State and Federal holidays. Additionally, you can schedule an events during the business hours of the State Capitol. Another exception is that State officials have priority over scheduling. The good thing about the Auditorium’s availability: most State officials reserve their dates several months in advance.

The Auditorium has a supply of tables for plenty of space along the sides of the room. MMFE is arranging to have local social support nonprofits present to table during the film screenings. No food or drinks allowed in the State Capitol Auditorium. MMFE appreciates your cooperation.

Seating allows for 200 attendees.

Seating allows for 200 attendees.

There are several lists of fashion documentaries that are „must see“ films. Documentaries, as opposed to movies, give insights behind the fashion scenes. These films range from modeling as a career to major fashion designers to editors to trendsetting photographers. Since no entrance fee is charged, no filmmaker’s permission required for the public film screenings. Check with the laws in your State. This is an opportunity to take part in creating the MMFE Program with your Feedback. Leave a comment and MMFE will invite you as one of the 200 attendees for the fashion documentary screenings.

Which fashion and modeling documentaries would you like to see?

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